University of Oulu MUM 2002 - First International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
  Wednesday 11 December : Tutorials

  Thursday 12 December : Conference Day #1
    08.00 Registration opens
    08.45 Opening of the Conference
    09.00 Keynote #1: Entertainment and media in an environment of ubiquitous digital distribution: Issues and challenges
    Peter Marx, Binary Protocol LLC, USA
    10.00 Coffee
    10.30 Session #1: Networking (Chair: Martin Rantzer)

    Effects of prediction inaccuracy on the performance of channel-state-aware link layer schedulers
    Ana C. C. Aguiar, Holger Karl and Adam Wolisz
    Technical University Berlin, Germany

    Consequences of using MIPv6 to achieve mobile ubiquitous multimedia
    Douglas Howie
    University of Oulu, Finland and University of Gävle, Sweden

    SHADOW: Smart and highly adaptive data-sharing over weak connections
    Mika Hongisto
    VTT Electronics, Finland
    12.00 Introduction of Demonstrations
    13.00 Lunch
    14.00 Keynote #2: Mobile augmented reality systems
    Prof. Steven Feiner, Columbia University, USA
    15.00 Coffee
    15.30 Session #2: Applications (Chair: Timo Ojala)

    Video analysis applications for pervasive environments
    Arvind Karunanidhi1, David Doermann1, Niketu Parekh1 and Ville Rautio2
    1University of Maryland, USA
    2University of Oulu, Finland

    Symshop: a mobile shopping mall application
    Lai-Tee Cheok1, Jacob Sharony2 and Alexandros Eleftheriadis1
    1Columbia University, USA
    2Symbol Technologies Inc.

    Application mobility in active spaces
    Manuel Roman, Herbert Ho and Roy H. Campbell
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    17.00 Closing of the day
    19.00 Conference Banquet
  Friday 13 December : Conference Day #2