University of Oulu MUM 2002 - First International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
  Peter Marx, Binary Protocol LLC, USA

Peter Marx was Vice President, Digital Media Management for Vivendi-Universal (Paris, France and Los Angeles, California) with a previous position as Vice President, Emerging Technologies for Universal Studios. Prior to that he was at Electronic Arts (San Francisco, California) where he worked on their online efforts, EA Sports branded games, and on a variety of technology projects. As a third-party game developer, he produced a variety of games for Propaganda Films, Digital Domain, Disney, EA, Sony, Bandai, IBM, and Capcom. An engineer by trade, he has licensed software to 3M, Apple, and other companies in the area of diagnostic imaging (medicine) and in color printing. As a consultant, his clients have included IBM, Apple Computer, UCLA School of Medicine, Bellcore, Sony, and JP Morgan. He is now a Managing Partner for Binary Protocol LLC, a developer of location-based information systems.

Abstract of keynote

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