University of Oulu MUM 2002 - First International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
  Dr. Kari Kaarela, Nokia Mobile Software, Finland



Dr. Kari Kaarela is currently working as a manager in Nokia Mobile Software unit. His tasks are related to both the technical and business aspects of novel mobile services. Nokia Mobile Software Unit is responsible for enabling new value added services with a seamless user experience. The ability to provide innovative and exciting mobile services as well as deliver content via multiple channels to mobile users' phones is key to the success of most mobile operators today. Nokia's service enablers such MMS, XHTML, location and presence intelligence as well as charging, service activation and provisioning are the major services enablers for a variety of mobile services.

Earlier Kari Kaarela has been working as a Systems Department Manager at Nokia Networks, and as a Global Development Manager at Nokia Mobile Phones. Before joining Nokia, he was working at the Technical Research Centre of Finland as a Research Scientist for 15 years. During this time, he was contributing to and heading several contract R&D projects for the Finnish high-tech companies as well as various national and multi-national research programs. His research interests include modelling of systems, semantically structured documentation and hypertext systems, and user interfaces.

Dr. Kaarela received the MSc. and Dr.Tech. degrees in 1980 and 1996, respectively, from the University of Oulu.

Dr. Kaarela serves as the chairman of the operative steering board of the Octopus project.

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